Zoom Meeting and Self-Sufficiency Mini Courses

“Zoom” is here to stay and there has never been a greater interest in self-sufficiency. There was a very positive response this month to the possibility of having “zoom” sessions to provide courses and instruction in self-sufficiency. We have had two trial sessions which seemed to go well so more will now be offered on the following basis:

Zoom Sessions for Self-sufficiency (date and time by agreement but 5pm start preferred)

Two options are offered (each costing £17.50 per person/couple):

  • one to one session for one hour on any self-sufficiency topic (couples count as “one”)

  • group session (up to 4 participants) for two hours based on a virtual tour of the garden

Just drop me an email HERE if you'd be interested in signing up for one of these “zoom” sessions.

About the John Seymour School

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John Seymour came to live in Ireland in 1981 when he began work on developing his smallholding in County Wexford. A regular series of summer courses was started in 1993.     Will Sutherland joined John in running courses soon afterwards and continued to work with John until his death at the age of 90 in 2004.   Will continues to run courses and give workshops on the many and various topics covered by the Complete Book.


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