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The New Zealand Experience

It's mid-summer in New Zealand – constant temperatures in the low 20s, harsh hot sun and, in Wellington, always the wind. Staying in Days Bay, opposite the capital Wellington, keeps us very close to the warm sea and popular beaches.

At the same latitude as Madrid, it's easy to grow lemons and even avocados. There is abundance of fresh fruit and veg. The roadsides are full of flowers mixed with extra-ordinary primitive ferns and the occasional palm tree. The land is young in geographical terms and the hills everywhere are STEEP and impossible to climb because of intense and impenetrable bush.


We visited a famous and very isolated lighthouse – accessed by ridiculous staircase! It's a well-known area for sea fishing and the locals use second-hand bulldozers to pull their big boats up the beach. The place is a veritable graveyard for dozers!


Spring Time Courses

You will be staying in a traditional fisherman's cottage just 50m from the beach. Your meals will be prepared by a professional chef trained at the famous River Cafe (London). Each day will include a varied pattern of activities, including picnics, practical work in the garden, lectures and debate, games, visits to local beauty spots (including pubs).


In the evenings we convene for the big meal of the day, prepared by our super chef and co-teacher. We light the open fire and enjoy convivial chat until whatever hour we chose.


Note – our residential courses offer exceptional value for money at £880 all-in. This price includes accommodation, all food and drink prepared to a professional standard, and of course the self-sufficiency training. Considering that a typical local B&B might cost you £160 per night for a double room, one meal per day in a pub £50, and a day of specialist teaching anywhere from £65-£200, this offer equates to a saving of around £1000 for the week.


In addition, should the rooms fill up, we offer discounts for couples wishing to share a double room, as this allows for a greater number of students on the course overall.


Do get in touch if you want to book, or require further information on the courses or the set up for the week. This would make a great gift for anyone interested in learning about becoming more independent in these uncertain times, but is also great fun and an opportunity to learn valuable skills together.


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