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When will the collective covid madness end?

As a mathematician and scientist myself I find the conclusions of statisticians and mathematicians more interesting and reliable than the mixed mumblings of the compromised medical professions. In the last month we have seen brilliant (and very worrying) analyses from those such as:

Each of these links shows how careful analysis of the official published statistics produces some very stark conclusions – very different from official narratives:

- Adverse reactions to the covid jabs are at least 10 times greater than for any previous vaccinations, particularly so for fit young men

- The chances of catching covid and dying are very much higher in the weeks following the jab compared to mortality in the unjabbed

- Those who have had the jab are twice as likely to catch covid compared to the unjabbed

- The only people who may benefit from the jab are those over 80

- The jab does not prevent transmission – it makes it MORE likely

- The ineffective (leaky) jabs are a major cause of new and potentially dangerous variants

- Governments have deliberately banned cheap effective covid treatments to justify the jab

- The way in which official statistics are published is specifically designed to make these deductions difficult to identify

- The Barrington Declaration has been signed by nearly 1 million experts and doctors but has been ignored and de-platformed

You can draw your own conclusions - mine are set out in this latest rant. The stage is being set for the next steps – digital I/D combined with a Central Bank Digital Currency. I enjoyed this youtube video of very plain speaking -


Now they force the jab with guns and jail

It's fascist madness quite beyond the Pale

The seeds they sowed in their Project Fear

Now reap a bitter harvest both far and near

The truth it seems cannot be told

Most covid deaths are fat and old

For the young and fit the jab is mad

The risks of damage sad and bad

A dystopian future is coming fast

We've forgotten every lesson from the past

Our “leaders” just drunk on crazy power

Worse and worse with each passing hour

The science is twisted with truth denied

The main stream media spun and lied

Doctors, professors are bought for cash

While dissenting voices they ban and smash

Dr Fauci grins and Big Pharma smiles

With growing wealth in massive piles

But this sorry tale will not end well

Our new medical apartheid looks like hell


Robert Kennedy's blockbuster book was published this week. It makes VERY stark reading. Fauci has a 50 year history of bullying, lying and shameless empire building – certainly one of the most dangerous men in the world today. You can download from Amazon now:

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