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Headlines and doggerel from NZ and beyond

Down here in New Zealand the wind is blowing, and the trial of Barry Young (the covid data whistle-blower) is pending on 23 February. John Campbell reported on this topic 10 months ago, see his YouTube video here.

The World Economic Forum have finished their annual beano in Davos where they contemplated their challenge of restoring “trust” in “government”. In Italy there is a small citizens' rebellion against speed cameras (they are being cut down) and 20 kph urban speed limits. In Ukraine, Russia is consolidating its victory over the US/UK/EU and all their NATO sidekicks. Britain is de facto “at war” with Russia and Iran although nobody in Parliament has debated this and we, the people, certainly have not been consulted. In the USA the “deep state” is increasingly desperate to stop another Trump presidency. Mr Biden's campaign against Russia has massively boosted the efforts of China to establish the BRICS as the dominant global trading entity, dethroning the dollar and marking the beginning of a new multi-polar world order. Muslim idealists have taken the most successful school in Britain to court in the hope of establishing their demand that all English schools must provide a prayer room for Muslim pupils.



You have to wonder whether the governing elites, in their bubbles of isolation, have any idea of how fragile public consent is to all the nonsense they are so happily promoting! The long tail of the “fall-out” from their covid mis-management rumbles on as the massive horror of excess deaths in the highly jabbed countries continues. Andrew Bridgen is steadily attracting more support in the toxic aftermath of the Post Office Horizon scandal. When, we must wonder, will one of the mass media channels finally produce an expose of the covid catastrophe? When, we must wonder, will the expensive nonsense of Net Zero be put into reverse? When will anyone (with a brain) realise that looking after our soil is the true priority for the human race in terms of sensible planetary management? It has been uplifting over the last couple of days to see the French farmers rising up against the “blob”.


You may enjoy seeing Russell Brand in full flow on these topics with Tucker Carlson.



While in New Zealand I continue my work on my next short book – on how to teach young children to play cards (and why this is important!). Here is my brief doggerel on the subject:




All wise adults who know what's best

Know life’s a “game” and not a “test”

The best laid plans of mice and men

May have results beyond our ken

The cosmic world has a sense of humour

That's really true, not just a rumour


We can't control the whims of fate

The acts of those we may love or hate

The fickle tricks of the living world

The path of history whether straight or curled

We live in nature's strange embrace

amid great inventions of the human race


So when our kids are learning stuff

The boring skills of school are not enough

To read and write is good it's true

But for lessons in life they don't give a clue

The fates can move in mysterious ways

So expecting the un-expected always pays


But how can we help our kids do well?

So in all trials of life they may excel

They need to learn that life's not fair

To dance with chance without a care

Some days you win but sometimes lose

It's no-one's fault so don't get the blues


The answer lies in their early years

If they can win or lose but shed no tears

In childhood games in small back-yards

or when you mirror life by playing cards

Exploring the power of trump and void

The lure of those screens can be destroyed

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