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The world in doggerel

I was surprised but encouraged to find my doggerel of last month published to a much wider readership in the daily newsletter of TCW. This month I can offer you 2 more recent doggerels echoing my take on the world. Getting these thoughts down in print does wonders for reducing my blood pressure – so I hope it may help yours too!


The Popular Vote!

One man one vote is the magic trick

that makes our democratic government tick

The ladies too now have their vote

Though crooks and kids still miss the boat

We cherish the chance we have to choose

Which Party wins and which will lose


But it's those with cash who rule the roost

The rich elites in their marching boots

The corporate giants who stride the earth

They'll lobby Parliaments for all their worth

We ordinary folk don't have much say

Just a tick in the box on election day


This ticking of election boxes has its flaws

with short-term policies and ill-thought laws

So our world is governed hour by hour

By the troubled folk who most want power

 They can borrow money to buy our votes

And trail false promises in manifesto notes


When things look bad and life's a bore

 Our mad leaders often like to start a war

They'll duck and weave to avoid all blame

Whether wise or foolish they're all the same

Sometimes they claim it's just bad advice

So they find a scape-goat and that's not nice


Those who climb government's greasy pole

May queue and jostle for an important role

But they often choose more direct attack

 Stabbing friends and colleagues in the back

This is the one key skill they must perfect

To strive for power with great effect


And you won't need brains to rise to power

Much better to kiss those babies hour by hour

Without training or skills you'll come to no harm

While your smile and teeth project your charm

You won't need experience or a fine CV

Just a good-looking face on film and TV


So that's the story of the popular vote

It's far from perfect as I'm sure you'll note

There are few indeed who think it works

We're trapped in a system that's full of quirks

The public all know that things must change

The times we live in are indeed most strange



Most oft the face of mother nature seems soft and quite serene

The birds and flowers together paint such a peaceful scene

Green trees they tower majestic into cloudless summer skies

We thrill to the swift magic dancing of pretty dragon flies

Mackerel dart and plankton shimmer in silver deep-blue seas

Our slick Walt Disney movies love to paint such scenes as these


But beneath such majestic beauty some hidden secrets hide

The dynamic spinning wheel of nature has a darker side

It's found with ruthless logic in every complex food chain

Where the sick, the slow and weak feel constant mortal pain

They're hunted, chased, devoured by each bigger faster beast

So all these happy little creatures just become another's feast


The vibrant air we breathe each day is full of tiny motes

Small spores and yeasts and nasty beasts, they all go down our throats

Our skins just crawl with dirt and bugs we cannot wipe away

And why they do not make us sick it's very hard to say

Our bodies have learned a trick or two over many thousand years

No wonder why those who forget this are plagued by silly fears


It's the magic of black carbon that fuels this crazy chain of life

That jostles daily to and fro in a frantic equilibrium of strife

Our plants and sea-green plankton collect it every day sun shines

It makes the flowers, the age old oaks and canny Scottish pines

The vital gas that runs this mighty show is stolen from our air

But at just one part in ten thousand, this stuff is very very rare


Now nature's web is complex with massive overload

If every walnut seed should grow the world would soon explode

In fifty years each tree might drop about one million nuts

But only one of these must grow, there are no ifs or buts

The rest will simply rot away or serve as “super food”

If you don't see how this logic works, you're a very stupid dude


We modern techno-humans, we want to have control

With science and computers to take a commanding role

We think we can manage climate and rule the world of plants

We support white-coated wizards with ever bigger grants

We control the “official” narrative with smart electronic kit

We manage news and censor views to make the story fit


But deep inside this make-believe there lies a hidden fear

The answers to our cosmic quest are maybe not so clear

The complex ordered chemistry of all our human brains

Will never truly master nature's many interlinked domains

As nature's fated creatures, we must carry the torch of life

Tackle the gordian knots of fate, try to cut them with a knife


We've tried so very many times to master all life's tricks

What dangerous things we do today with nature's building bricks

Splicing genes may seem like fun for fools who mess with DNA

But toying with the codes of life is a very risky game to play

The mysteries of unintended consequences are an ever present threat

Once Pandora's box is opened nobody knows what you will get!


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