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The Ukraine


Like the huge under-water bulk of an iceberg, the situation in Ukraine is just the very visible and dangerous tip of a much bigger story. Obama and Biden were playing very dangerous games back in 2014 when they enjoyed such apparent “success” in helping remove the elected democratic pro-Russian president of the Ukraine. They did not like his refusal to join an EU trade deal. So they found ways to capitalise on the resentments of extreme right wing elements in the Ukraine with “Nazi” sympathies. After a violent “coup”, a new pro-western leader was in place and to our naïve western leaders the future of the Ukraine as a part of Europe seemed secure. Putin (Prime Minister of Russia at the time) was deeply affected by this heavy-handed interference by the US and EU. He immediately annexed the Crimea – an act which clearly surprised the western leaders, showing they had no understanding of how provocative and dangerous their meddling might be. Here is what Henry Kissinger said after the coup in 2014...

“The West must understand that, to Russia, Ukraine can never be just a foreign country. Russian history began in what was called Kievan-Rus. The Russian religion spread from there. Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries, and their histories were intertwined before then.”

8 years later Putin finds he has the opportunity to finally humiliate the US and the EU. Short-sighted decision making by western leaders over energy policies has given Russia the trump card because it now provides high proportion of the gas and oil which the EU (mostly Germany) depends on. Whilst the EU and NATO have continued to provoke the “Russian Bear” by extending their influence east in breach of promises given when the Berlin wall came down. The US has a pathetically weak and ineffective President (whose son is highly compromised by dubious payments from Ukrainian elites). China is on his side and Putin can, if necessary, strike up beneficial deals to break US sanctions against Iran.

Outcomes are never predictable when people start killing each other in modern kinetic warfare. The propaganda war will be crucial, and it will be extremely difficult for outsiders to know what's really going on. Apart from token rhetoric, sanctions and some supply of arms, the western leaders (particularly Germany) will stand back and watch. It does seem from early reports that the Russians are meeting more resistance than they expected. Perhaps this will drag on for years of guerrilla warfare against a Russian occupation? Perhaps the Ukraine will be partitioned in some way – east versus west? Perhaps the west's short-sighted leadership will provoke Russia by shutting down the Swift payments systems which guarantee supplies of gas? The two things we can be sure about are that this war will hugely increase energy prices as well as providing a lifeline for Boris Johnson. (Don't forget to buy that generator or Swarey power pack!)

It is becoming more and more evident that our modern “politicians” are nothing more than fine heads of hair and glowing rows of perfect teeth. Measured statesmanship has been replaced by shallow opportunist gamesmanship based on opinion polls – success measured in a few positive sound bites from a gullible and sycophantic mass media. What seemed like a good idea to Obama in 2014 has sown the seeds of a bitter harvest.


The really BIG question is how the west will find better ways to choose its leaders. Hairstyles and teeth are no substitute for wisdom, intelligence and experience as the recent mismanagement of covid has shown.


It seems that Canada and New Zealand are now ruled by ruthless tyrants who are determined to crush opposition to vaccine mandates. More than 100 years ago the very wise and articulate G K Chesterton foresaw the difficult dynamic balance between government diktat and personal “freedoms”. In his seminal book “The Flying Inn”, written just before the First World War, he wrote a fictional account of a future Britain under a well-meaning and seemingly all-powerful Islamic state. The Islamic leadership was entirely confident in the sanity and sense of its philosophy, science and art – all argued and explained both dispassionately and cogently. The great majority of the British people were happy to comply with the new laws – pubs and the sale of alcohol were strictly prohibited. Only a small minority argued against the new rules and just one man refused to accept them as he drove his horse and cart in secret from village to village carrying a large barrel of beer in defiance of the law. This was the “Flying Inn”!

Today in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and maybe more, we see a small minority of protesters who refuse to accept totalitarian covid laws (vaccine mandates). The big question is: are they going to win or lose? In Chesterton's story there is a long and uneasy ride for the sole proprietor of the “Flying Inn”. He has many arguments and debates with those who simply prefer to cause no trouble but, in the end, his campaign proves unstoppable. The government elites cannot find any arguments or new laws which will prevent the increasingly unsettled masses going back to their old ways. In a final crisis of populist riots and disobedience, the rules are swept away on a tide of insurrection – the pubs re-open and the people rejoice. Chesterton remarks on how this has been the end result for all bombastic governments who fail to realise they can never change deeply held cultural values just by re-writing the law.

So here we are today watching and wondering – are Trudeau and Ardern going to win (for the WEF and a totalitarian world) or will “freedom” finally stay alive against all the odds? A lot will depend on how the media present the situation. On the one hand we can see the MSM meekly promoting the big pharma narrative, on the other we can see potential rebels like Joe Rogan and Russell Brand attracting more and more millions of subscribers. The biggest struggle since the last World Wars is being played out in front of us NOW even though it may be less dramatic and obvious compared to the “kinetic” war in the Ukraine.

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