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On intangibility and power

Updated: Dec 18, 2023


Carbon is the most important element for life on Earth. Every human body contains about 15 Kg of carbon. We can only get this by eating the green plants which extract it from the air by photosynthesis. They have been doing this (on land and sea) for millions of years, every day the sun shines. As a result, the amount of CO2 in the air has been falling steadily from a high point (about 20 times higher than today's level) to about 280 parts per million before the industrial revolution. Most of the carbon taken from the air is at the bottom of the sea – the white cliffs of Dover are a perfect example (calcium carbonate from prehistoric seashells).

Plants are very good at extracting carbon from the air, but they would be unable to grow if levels fell much below 200 ppm. By burning fossil fuels, humans have increased the level to just over 400 ppm. This has been extremely beneficial for plant growth and many areas (beaches, north facing roofs and deserts) can now support plants when they could not before.

There are about 2200 gigatons of CO2 in the air. Each year Earth breathes in and out about 400 gtons. (Plants and plankton breathe the gas in – bacteria and respiration breathe out about the same amount.) The Earth's ecosystems have highly complex feedback loops which (fortunately) tend to keep the system relatively stable. As you can see from the table below, human activity (even at worst) only represents about 3 percent of the annual inflows and outflows. The Earth has also stepped up taking in the excess CO2 produced by humans – absorbing 23 gtns extra in 2020 for example. Very probably this is because the extra CO2 makes all green things grow faster!

I am not a “climate change denier”! We do have multiple independent research which shows the Earth is getting warmer at about 0.1 degrees C every ten years since 1880 (there are few reliable figures before this date). We also have reliable figures for levels of CO2 emitted by humans and the increase in atmospheric CO2. Here they are together with the increases in global temperature every 10 years. All figures from NASA – you can check with google.


CO2 released by human fossil fuel usage (gtn)

Change in global CO2 (gtn)

Change in earth temp (°C)

































As you can see, there is no simple correlation between the increases in global CO2 and the change in temperature 20 years later. At the very least these figures show that the idea that humans can “manage” Earth's climate is quite obviously crazy – climate is much too complicated. This rush for “Net Zero” and the panic about a “climate emergency” are symptoms of just the same misplaced confidence which gave us the madness of the covid pandemic. We humans need to understand that “nature” and “the cosmos” have their own way of doing things. With care and wisdom we can certainly influence these processes but misplaced arrogance and over-confidence create potentially very dangerous and potentially disastrous outcomes (as with DDT or the mRNA jabs).


Ever since the dawning of the banking age (at the end of the 17th century), the industrial revolution which followed has been putting more and more power in the hands of a small wealthy elite. The primary dynamic enabling the elites to build their power has been the “consumer economy”. The masses want to work so they can buy the latest goodies and conveniences. This “imperative” is driven by the £ billions spent on sophisticate advertising – always persuading us that what we already have is not enough!

The “elites” are far from stupid and they make sure they employ (co-opt) the brightest products of our Universities. About 50 years ago they realised that their “consumer game” could not go on indefinitely – the Earth simply is not big enough and pollution/environmental degradation was starting to cause trouble/concern. They founded the “Club of Rome” in 1968 and soon after issued a report “The Limits to Growth”. This was the first step in their efforts to explore how they could keep their “game” going. The next big step came in 1992 when 40 of the world's biggest corporations (co-ordinated by the wealthy Swiss industrialist – Stephan Schmidheiny) financed the first Earth Summit with the United Nations in Rio. The clever “trick” idea they came up with was the concept of “sustainable development”.

Since Rio, the pace of change has “hotted up”. Public concerns about the environment have rapidly increased and, at the same time, the elites have become more organised with the now clearly stated plans of the World Economic Forum (the global club for our wealthy elites) for a “Great Reset”. It is becoming clear that the elites see control of information (propaganda) as a critical requirement if they are to use “fear” instead of “greed” as the primary emotion necessary to “control the masses” and, of course, keep the “game” going. Covid and the “climate emergency” are the current scams.

Both governments and “big tech” are complicit in this new battle to control our minds. Content of the internet is central to their mission. The co-ordinated attack on RB is an obvious plan to discredit the content of his broadcasts (followed by more than 6 million) which are extremely threatening to the “official narrative”. Of course, his good or bad behaviours should have no bearing on the factual content and argument in his current output (as the Chief Executive of Rumble has pointed out to the UK government). None of the mainstream media have been prepared to point this out. They, and their rich patrons, are happy to let the public's attention be distracted by what RB did, or did not do, 20 years ago!

So far it looks like a good and well co-ordinated plan on the part of his competitors in the mainstream media (and his enemies in government). The “game” of the WEF and its counterparts in government is moving rapidly forward. They don't want to hear what RB is saying and they don't want us to hear it either. We have already seen the elites try to de-platform Tucker Carlson and how he has been “saved” by Elon Musk on “X”. Will the same happen with RB? Perhaps he will have to follow the example of “The Light” which is an old fashioned printed newspaper in order to avoid internet censorship?

With this high profile attempt to silence RB we are reaching the “end-game” in the process being charted by the WEF for “World Government” and “the Great Reset”. Will the masses simply go along with all this or has the “bad management” of the covid pandemic damaged the credibility of the plan? I suspect this may all depend on how the public react when the true and absolutely horrific disaster of the mRNA jab programme is finally impossible for the mainstream to hide. John Campbell's latest youtube shows (see HERE and HERE) that excess deaths in the jabbed compared to the un-jabbed may be more than 150,000 between June '22 and May '23.

We are certainly in the midst of an amazing story. How did we get to this point? How can a small group of other humans (carbon-based life-forms like you and me) have so much power? We need to talk about the strange consequences of what we call “private ownership”!


When I park my smart new Ferrari in the street, my lovely “toy” is protected by multiple systems of “force” projected and controlled by a government and paid for by taxation of the less fortunate masses.

The huge fortune which I keep safely in a private bank vault (as a long string of digital 1’s and 0’s on a computer) is protected in the same way. My “money” enables me to build factories, make investments and hire hundreds of workers. I can bribe governments, finance research and control information in the mass media. I have no special interest in the “common good”. I have no special skills, experience or wisdom which might guide the use of all this “power”. What I do have is an absolute determination to preserve my special powers and keep the great “unwashed” masses reasonably content and “under control”.

Because of this rather remarkable state of affairs, our planet is now being “managed” (if that's the right word) by a small wealthy elite (corporate and individual). As a civilisation we have 2 all-embracing cultural institutions which make this possible. One is what we call “money”, the other is “private ownership”. Put these two cultural forms together and you can effectively forget about “democracy” except as the headline system which allows the powerful to hide behind a useful facade of what is a more-or-less puppet government.

So – how did we get into this very problematic situation and what can we do about it?

Sophisticated cultural institutions have evolved over thousands of years to give our human species great evolutionary advantages. Our ability to organise ourselves in large coherent social units depends on the complex and sophisticated sets of rules we live by. We also rely on belief systems (some call them “myths”) that underpin the way we think. For most of human history these “myths” were woven into powerful religious systems of “belief” - enforced by Gods and the priests/rulers who claimed to represent these 'Gods”. In more recent times (about the last 300 years) a belief in the power of “science” has pushed “Gods” aside giving humans the idea that they can now control their own destiny and “manage” the Earth for their own purposes.

History shows us that when complex cultural institutions outlive their usefulness this can result in disaster and even destruction of whole civilisations when circumstances change. This is because human institutions are “sticky”. Once established these systems tend to persist and reinforce themselves as the elites with a vested interest in their continuance fight tooth and nail to preserve them. “Money” (which I call “tokens of power”) was first invented to pay soldiers to fight wars and only later came to be useful for enabling trade and taxation. “Private ownership” was invented to create a pyramid of power headed up by a King or Emperor. Control of land/wealth was in the gift of the King/Emperor but ONLY with the proviso that the “owner” swore allegiance and agreed to provide a certain number of fully equipped fighting men when required to do so. Historically those who owned vast wealth had “skin in the game” - their special position was conditional on being good citizens of the state/empire.

When the invention of the modern banking system created “elastic” money (bank credit) the power which was enabled and released soon broke the old established link between “private ownership” and responsibility. The wealthy elites of the modern world have no allegiance or responsibility to state or community – they use their power for their own purposes and are deadly determined to keep it at any cost. The only “skin” they have in the game is a requirement to keep it going so their special privilege is preserved.

The key insight which has now “changed the game” is the realisation by the elites that the “stickiness” of cultural institutions can only be changed by crisis or war coupled with censorship of any competing narratives. The elites have made it clear that the traditional freedoms of personal expression and behaviours (particularly the freedom to buy whatever you want and burn as much fossil fuel as you want) must now be stopped. They are going to do this (with the help of governments who co-operate with them) by introducing four powerful new cultural institutions: Central Bank Digital Currencies, Social Credit score, Global digital I/Ds and powerful systems to censor any alternative narratives.

We are now in the crisis or “war” scenarios created by the elites to over-come the stickiness (attraction) of our old cultural behaviours and systems. First, we had a carefully engineered health pandemic and now we have a ramping up of fear about the so-called “climate emergency”. All this is being done “in plain sight” with the co-operation of all the parasitic side-kick agencies who expect to benefit by “hanging on to the coattails) of the wealthy elites. State governments, mass media and the big tech companies are all happy to play along with the new “game”.

Many of you will have seen multiple reports in the alternative media which attempt to alert the mass of the public to the big cultural changes which are being pushed through. There are many calls to protest. What nobody seems to recognise is that the whole massive edifice of the great “Reset” is based on the hope (and expectation) that the public in the mass will continue to accept the extra-ordinary powers enabled by unlimited “private ownership”. It is certainly not in the best interests of the mass of people (and animals) on Earth to find themselves under the control of the super-rich (whether corporate or individual). It is actually not OK for me to flaunt my Ferrari in the street or display my conspicuous wealth by spending £100,000 on a lavish wedding feast. What is truly amazing is that the present cultural norms tend to make the masses admire and envy the special place of the rich rather than being made furious by underserved privilege…

The truth of the matter is that the 99 percent actually hold all the power whilst the 1 percent are all too aware that their special privilege rests on the “thin ice” of public good behaviour and the power of the police and military. The rich are now determined to create much more secure barriers to revolution/bad behaviour by introducing their four new cultural forms – particularly the CBDCs. If the 1 percent are not smart enough to keep the 99 percent reasonably content and/or captured by the lure of greed or fear of death/disaster, then their special position will be rapidly destroyed. That's the world we live in right now. Just as the supposedly all-powerful wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” was no more than a paper fiction, so the “power” of the wealthy elites to flaunt and enjoy their riches depends on the willingness of the 99 percent to accept the strange realities of “private ownership”.

Over the next few years, we will find out just how successful the great “Reset” is going to be. Will the censorship and co-operation of big tech continue to support the elites? Will the attempts by alternative news media to puncture the official narrative make headway? Will the imposition of the CBDCs lead to public backlash? Will the public continue to be compliant to accept the power and privilege of the wealthy?

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