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Northumbrian A Frame Scythes - for Sale

My campaign to re-introduce the traditional scythe for controlling grassland and weeds has resulted in sale of 5 new scythes this year. I make these scythes myself, importing blades from Austria. Slowly more people are realising the advantages (and pleasures) of scything. I now have 4 lovely new scythes ready for the 2017 season. The two handled scottish or northumbrian scythe is much the best tool for controlling tough weeds like thistle, nettle and (particularly) brambles/tree seedlings. My new scythes sell for £100 - they are a joy to use and last a lifetime! Drop me an email in the contact section if you are interested.


Hi, do you still have Scythes for sale? I am looking for Scottish type. Also looking for a hay rake & sharpening stone.

Thanks for your time

Tam Reardon

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