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In the world - Aug 2023

There are just two very important pieces of news/information I want to highlight for you this month.

The US/Russia War

Here are three links you should explore. It seems the US, EU and UK are blinded by their own propaganda. They are unable to see that not only can this war not be won but the whole adventure is boosting the Russia/China BRICS initiative. Perhaps the Germans are going to be the first to realise that their real enemy is the United States?

The Dreadful Covid jab disaster

The statistics for all-cause mortality have finally been linked to “vaccination” status and the conclusions are shocking. Those who have had the “jab” are much more likely to die compared to those that did not. Please make sure that all those you love are made aware of these very tragic hard facts. Big pharma and their pals in government are responsible for what is perhaps the greatest and most evil disaster in human history – all for the sake of making a quick profit!

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