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Gardener's thoughts on currency and climate


The un-winnable Ukraine war continues while western politicians scratch their heads as they wonder how to get out of this mess. If their puppet Zelensky goes rogue and starts attacking Moscow things could get very nasty. Winter fuel supplies look pretty dodge and the BRICS plus trading block continues to “put all its ducks in order” en route to replacing the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Politics in the US seems more like a story from Alice in Wonderland than real life drama. Robert Kennedy is honest and talks sense while the rest seem either brain dead or lunatics. This is a speech I would recommend.


It is a supreme irony that the BBC has just set up a special “Dis-information” unit at the same time as it pumps out completely false narratives about so-called man-made climate change. One must presume that the BBC inner hierarchy is determined to curry favour with its government paymasters but the sheer cheek of their own dis-information simply takes one breath away. Like many other intelligent people with scientific training, I have been de-platformed both by my publishers (Dorling Kindersley) and by our village newsletter because they simply will not allow any dissenting views to be printed let alone discussed!

In the final episode of Chris Packham's “Earth” series we are told in no uncertain terms that “man-made climate change” is destroying the Earth. So let's be clear – Earth's climate is much too complex for humans to understand (however smart their computers may be) and the idea that we might be able to manage it is utterly fanciful and absurd. The current period of climate warming (about 0.1 degrees C every 10 years) began about 1800 long before industrialisation. This rate has remained pretty constant, seemingly unaffected by all the fossil fuels we have burned since the Second World War. A large number of scientists are making big research money by playing about with their climate modelling computers whilst the world's wealthy elites enjoy the power they can wield by using `'FEAR” to introduce frightening new methods of control and surveillance (Central Bank Digital Currency, Social Credit systems, censorship and digital I/Ds).

I recommend you check out this website for a powerful alternative view on atmospheric CO2 – Note – you may find your web browser/search engine will not locate it because of the danger it poses to the official narrative.

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