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Winding down for Xmas


It's wet and muddy and the season is over. When we finally have some dry frosty weather it will be time to tidy up, dig out the many docks that this rain has encouraged and finally rotavate as we prepare to spread compost after Christmas.

Spent tomato plants on their way to compost and an empty greenhouse ready for winter.

A fine table display at our final Friday lunchtime at beautiful Howick where Ros and I play 'cello and piano each week in the Chinese room.


Don't forget, I still sell fine sturdy A frame scythes, made from seasoned ash with an excellent all-purpose 65 cm blade. New scythes cost £195 but I still have once-used second hand scythes for £145.

And here is what I do on my lathe when the rains pour down!

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