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1. Fractional reserve banking to be made illegal – local banking to be provided by Credit Unions

2. Debt based money to be abolished and replaced by debt-free sovereign money (probably Central Bank Digital Currency) – price and quantity to be controlled by an independent citizens' assembly.

3. Size and allocation of new investment (beyond that provided by Credit Unions) to be decided by community and/or national agencies instead of profit driven private banks.

4. Strict controls to be imposed on size and accountability of corporations – advertising budgets to be licensed and controlled.

5. Populist democracy to be replaced by sortition and citizens' assemblies – voting people into “power” to be abolished.

6. So-called “free market” pricing to be under constant review with rationing introduced for key commodities – especially energy (perhaps a 2 Kw personal limit)

7. A new elite “public service” management college to be established

8. The National Health service to be converted to a “health” service instead of a “sickness” service

9. Universal Citizen's Income to become the norm

10. Power to be devolved down to County or Provincial level – all done by Citizens' Assemblies

11. Populations to move out of cities into more “self-sufficient” regional and rural communities

12. New indices to be developed to replace Gross National Product as a measure of “progress” - perhaps for “resilience”, health, education, per capita resource use, etc.

13. Nation states and City regions to introduce “balance sheet” accounts, recording quality and quantities of natural assets instead of just “through-put (GNP)”

14. 2 years national community service to be introduced for all 18 year olds and before University

15. The majority of University teaching to be free and done “on-line”

16. The population to be educated to understand the false concept of “I” which underpins the neo-liberal theocracy – to be replaced by the “me part of us”.

17. Scientists succeed in getting the churches to understand that science explains nothing except by revealing even deeper mysteries – the greatest of which is the existence of “life” as a counterpoint to “entropy”.

18. Personal ownership of land and property to be limited

NOTE – The alternative world is one where the individual becomes a passive pawn in the machinations of an over-arching state power (the model being developed by China).

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