The Garden Sleeps and one way to break down the blues: Music Outdoor!

In the garden the soil is resting now as we potter about when the weather is dry. I was able to spread the compost on a lovely bright frosty winter's day – so it's waiting now for the rotavator at the end of February. The greenhouse is thoroughly scrubbed out and empty. The tools are cleaned and a few repairs made. There is still work to be done fixing new wires to train the espaliers along the big south wall. There is fiddly pruning to be done on the fruit trees. I'm enjoying pleasant hours in my workshop where I've bought myself a couple of much needed Christmas presents – a neat new Bosch mitre saw and a fine workmanlike bandsaw from Draper. I have 5 new scythes hanging on the wall and a multitude of bowls and pots made on the lathe.

When the sun shines I am enjoying playing my 'cello overlooking the sea. Of course I am entertaining myself but also trying to raise funds for our local Hospice Care group. With a cheese sandwich and a bottle of home brew beer we meet many interesting folk. I guess we also educate many puzzled visitors in the pleasures of some of the great classical pieces (Bach, Saint-Saens, Mendelssohn, Handel and others). The world badly needs more music!

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John Seymour came to live in Ireland in 1981 when he began work on developing his smallholding in County Wexford. A regular series of summer courses was started in 1993.     Will Sutherland joined John in running courses soon afterwards and continued to work with John until his death at the age of 90 in 2004.   Will continues to run courses and give workshops on the many and various topics covered by the Complete Book.


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