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The garden is waking up!

At last – dry weather, fresh broccoli and lots of seeds already sown. Spring is on the way and the primroses are sweetly blooming. It's good to be alive!

As you can see, our netted protection for the broccoli has been extremely successful. What a fantastic tasty early crop this broccoli is – we love it! And there should be plenty of surplus for the deep freeze this year.

The whole garden has now been weeded and rotavated – probably 5 or 6 hours work – and it's looking good. Wonderful to see the lovely soil drying out ready to sow. In a couple of pleasant sunny mornings I have now planted all my seed potatoes, all the parsnips, onion sets, garlic and a selection of salad crops (rocket, lettuce and spinach). As the soil continues to warm and the sun rises higher the new green shoots will soon appear.

The rest of my plantings will be in late April when the soil is nice and warm. In the meantime I have been rubbing off the buds I don't want on the developing espaliered fruit trees along the south wall. Slowly but surely these fruit trees are doing more or less what they should!


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