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Summer is here!

At last the rains came and the garden bloomed! Salad, new potatoes and berries are now in full supply; the beans are shooting up their strings and the brassicas are bursting out of their cages.

We are pretty well through the “hoeing” season now as our plants are big enough to look after themselves. It's a time for harvest and enjoying the satisfaction of watching nature “do its stuff”.

Even the pea crop is doing pretty well this year – which is a first as the voles/birds/beasts seem to have lost their appetite! Carrots, beetroot and parsnips are growing well – as is the big crop of celery (a new crop for us). The broad beans and squashes are doing well but the sweet corn seems to have gone on strike this year!

It will soon be time to harvest the soft fruits – always a much longer job than one expects!

We planted about a dozen new fruit trees this spring. Strangely almost all the trees we bought by mail order have not done well whilst the ones bought direct from the local nursery (plant store) are doing fine. More plums, pears and greengages for the future.

And finally, here are some pictures of what we have been making with the lovely produce from the garden:


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