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Such Tragic Hubris!

This month I had my 77th birthday and decided to spoil myself by writing a new doggerel just to release some of the constant “bees in my bonnet”. Here it is:

Such Tragic Hubris!

Our magic Earth still spins in space

Whose life includes the human race

Who mine with greed the soil and seas

With jabs and tricks to control disease

They know full well this game is short

Where complex answers can't be bought

Some are sad and grieve and cry

They really think the Earth may die

Others race to get rich quick

Without much care that Earth is sick

The Earth herself has another plan

That's hidden still from modern man

She's seen mad rush of life before

Soon swept off with tooth and claw

The human brain is big and clever

Quite possibly the cosmic smartest ever

We're drunk on power from fossil fuels

Like energy junkies and stupid fools

We've made great cities, miles of road

Rockets and jets and computer code

We've invented money made by banks

We fight our wars with guns and tanks

We flush our waste into rivers and seas

Lots of single use plastic if you please

Our lives are run by the corporate state

With rules and taxes most just hate

There are some who believe in Gods up high

Like a magic passport so you'll not die

Our culture and systems have brought us here

Just bars in the cage of the future we fear

We designed them and made them so very well

but they've trapped us now like a spell from hell

The puzzle's a strange one, Earth has all we need

We just need to use wisdom, stop living at speed

Remember life is a “game” not a technical test

Stand in awe at its mystery and do what you think best

Don't blame our 'leaders', they're just froth on the beer

Our systems are life threatening, that much is clear

We need a new kind of money, get rid of the banks

To corporations and billionaires I say 'No Thanks'

Our religions are old, just a spiritual void

Some new ones much better must soon be deployed

We don't seem to realise how much we depend on the soil

Which we mismanage with poisons made from crude oil

We need to safeguard the insects and look after the bees

We must compost waste carefully, plant far more trees

The answer's not rocket science, we know what to do.

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