Mis à jour : 7 sept. 2018

Somehow the winter seems to have rushed past - so fast in fact that I have not had time to update this site!


The garden is pretty well cleared and rotavated over the winter. The compost has been spread and we are waiting for dry weather to work it into the soil a few weeks before the spring planting begins. Soon the broccoli sprouts will begin to appear and we look forward to enjoying this early spring bonanza, quickly cooked and eaten as an appetizer with lemon juice, olive oil and soy dressing.


Here you can see the trench we dug for the runner bean bed over Christmas - nice job after too much eating!

Next is the 12 month old compost heap, ready for spreading after the top and front have been cut away onto next years compost!

And below you see the winter garden (on a beautiful evening) after the compost has been spread.

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John Seymour came to live in Ireland in 1981 when he began work on developing his smallholding in County Wexford. A regular series of summer courses was started in 1993.     Will Sutherland joined John in running courses soon afterwards and continued to work with John until his death at the age of 90 in 2004.   Will continues to run courses and give workshops on the many and various topics covered by the Complete Book.


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