Poem from the Spring Garden

The seeds have spouted, sucking in the air

Transforming its carbon without a care

Powered by sunlight and the soil below

Together it's magic that makes them grow

That's nature's trick that let's us eat

You must admit it's quite a feat!

But if we break the circle and simply “take”

We'll be making a very sad mistake

Yes – it's June and the garden is growing, the slugs and munching, the birds are stealing and the voles are storing. And “ME” - I'm hoeing, weeding and protecting for all I'm worth. The summer will be coming soon when, thankfully, the plants can look after themselves.

It has (once again) been a very uncomfortable spring – cold, windy and dry. But now the rains have come (with a vengeance) and it's all growing mad.

My April students will be interested to see the transformation their work has created! Unfortunately for me they were not around to thin and weed the carrots – always an uncomfortable if ultimately rewarding job.

The pumpkins and squashes were hit hard by late frost. The french beans seriously depleted by birds and voles – despite the covering of fleece. The peas almost all consumed by animals unknown!But parsnips, sweet corn, salad, potatoes, beetroot, spinach, courgette and all the soft and top fruits are blooming.

My focus this month is purely on the garden. Current affairs and wider issues can wait for the moment. The story is told in the pictures below:

The South Wall

Flowers and Telescope

Salad and spinach

Fine young parsnips

Sean's transplanted lettuce

Potatoes, parsnips, onions, french beans

Courgettes and Butternut squash

Sweet Corn

In the greenhouse the vine is going mad, the tomatoes are rushing upwards, the tiny sprouting broccoli seedlings are growing fast and my big box of basil seedlings are (so far) doing well. Next week the strawberries will be ripe and the battle to protect them will begin. Generally “life goes on”.

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John Seymour came to live in Ireland in 1981 when he began work on developing his smallholding in County Wexford. A regular series of summer courses was started in 1993.     Will Sutherland joined John in running courses soon afterwards and continued to work with John until his death at the age of 90 in 2004.   Will continues to run courses and give workshops on the many and various topics covered by the Complete Book.


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