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Marks in the Sand - an autobiography

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

For those who may be interested, my autobiography is now available from It's the personal story of my quest for answers.

This is a brief summary of the content.

From a remote farm in Northumberland to the dusty heat of the first Earth Summit at Rio, this story visits the corridors of power in Whitehall, the innovative sport of windsurfing and finally hectic madness working with Lady Porter in Westminster. The Sutherland family motto is “Sans peur” – “without fear”; when you read this story you will see why! There have been many dramatic changes of scene and direction – eventually leading to the extending and updating of John Seymour’s “Complete Book of Self Sufficiency” and the founding of the School for Self-Sufficiency (, first in Ireland and latterly in France and England. There have been a lot of good times along the way; 7 splendid children and more than a few wonderful lovers. The saga is all laid out here with frankness and, I hope, good humour.

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