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It's March already in the garden

It is March already; dry weather at last and cultivating has begun. It took me just a couple of pleasant hours to weed and rotavate 3 of my 4 big garden plots. The fourth plot needs more attention as I have finally got around to putting down a row of paving slabs between the south hedge and the soil – this should help stop the constant ingress of slugs and couch grass. Just finished this work today and put the rotavator over the plot.

I have ordered the majority of my seeds now. Seeds are not cheap but thankfully the commercial suppliers are pretty reliable and I have never had any success trying to grow and store my own. I certainly will not grow the pink beetroot again – very pretty but no taste. We will grow more parsnips and carrots this year – they were very popular with all our neighbours. I will buy my onion sets and seed potatoes locally - there are some very attractive deals on offer.

Last week we potted up a dozen of the blackcurrant cuttings which I grow every year after pruning. I had to buy new large pots to accommodate them this year – a nuisance expenditure. The young bushes will make a good donation to the village plant sale in the summer (raising money for the school and local newsletter).

In the greenhouse, the temperatures are already rising. Some bright days we have 20 degrees under the glass when it is still almost freezing outside. The brick construction and massive south facing garden wall act like big night-storage-heaters. Last Thursday I pricked out 80 lettuce seedlings and they are all looking fine. It will soon be time to get the sweetcorn, sweet peas, tomatoes and courgettes started.


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