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My trip to New Zealand took me to Dubai, Australia and Singapore. My experience of the great cities of these places contrasted strongly with the much simpler (cheaper) outdoor life enjoyed by so many in the sunny summer of New Zealand. Everywhere I went the echoes of the great covid scam were visible in mask wearing and a strong reluctance for anybody ever to talk about their “vaccination” status. The covid “religion” continues to hold sway in defiance of the facts.

If the great cities of the world really reflect the greatest achievements of our current civilisation, then it is a very sad bad world we live in. The tragedy being that we already have the knowledge and technology to do so much better – we simply don't have the wisdom or institutions to allow it. It was quite a shock to experience Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney. The pictures I took whilst visiting the “Gardens by the Bay”. Below is the doggerel I felt I had to write to help me get rid of the frustration and sadness brought about by this experience.


I see Pointless Pursuit of Pleasure while modern engines roar

The buildings high, the weather warm in mighty Singapore

Is this the future clean and neat, there surely must be more

Our cosmic play against nature's way, it really seems like war

I took the metro underground, the walls were smart and bright

I waved my phone across the gate and got my nice green light

The train was quick, the adverts slick and not a drunk in sight

The journey flew to station 22 and I saw my map was right

Outside the crowds with masks like shrouds enjoyed the warm wet air

At Gardens by the Bay, a perfect way to spend the day and banish every care

The structures tall of steel and glass made homes for plants exotic rare

No bugs, no birds, no fungal spores to spoil perfection that was there

The multi-cultural web of folk who parade this gleaming fine machine

Feel re-assured that human skill will end all ill and keep us squeaky clean

The rich elites who run our world have plans to keep us in this dream

But the cosmic scheme is not theirs to see - things may not be as they seem

This calm facade of perfect order hides deeper shades of strife

We have constant war and there will be more with shocking loss of life

This hotel air is cooled by burning oil as outside temperatures almost boil

My breakfast bacon, bread and milk really comes from fragile distant soil

The best laid plans of mice and men may be made with best intent

What marvels great of tech and skill will smart humans next invent

But beneath it all are lurking fears that our inner thoughts frequent

How come so many times before great civilisations came and went

It's true we humans have a brain that's complex ordered magic

If we waste the work of 14 billion years it really would be tragic

As ancient words of wisdom say - don't put your eggs in just one basket

WEF plans for one globalised hi-tech world might be our funeral casket

These “winners” in today's smart world are a twisted cosmic joke

They have not seen the truth just yet that their clever plans are broke

They hope to keep their game afloat to rule us all with cultures woke

While the fickle hand of nature''s whims they mindlessly provoke


It seems that the great echo-chambers and algorithms of social media are creating a world which is increasingly polarised into extreme views and irrational beliefs. Despite the dominance of corporate greed, aided and abetted by political myopia, there are sane voices making waves and attracting millions who share their hopes and views. I am talking about people like Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand and John Oliver. On the covid madness we have Jessica Rose, Meryl Nass and the hugely important activity of Florida Governor Ron De Santis and Robert Kennedy Jnr.

But the vital message which is still not (so it seems) understood is that the primary institution which gives the corporate (and banking) world their power is MONEY. We may shout and scream, stick ourselves to commuter trains or send petitions to MPs but the most important way we can make change is by how we spend our money. Check out the website of Noncorporate.

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