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I have been re-watching “the Handmaid's Tale” which is a very sobering reminder of just how easily our governments (with corporate help) can take away our most important freedoms, using the excuse of terrorism or pandemic.

As we can see from the opinion polls, our country is still dominated by the nervous covidians and their panic to be injected with big pharma's experimental vaccines. Let's hope that all works out better than the pandermix scandal.

Here are 10 of the most obvious lies which our government and its advisors have promoted:

  1. That the virus is novel, so there is no immunity to it.

  2. That the virus is very much more lethal than anything else we’ve encountered.

  3. That there are no treatments.

  4. That the PCR is a reliable test of clinically important infection.

  5. That the virus can be spread by infected people without symptoms.

  6. That masks protect against transmission.

  7. That Lockdowns slow transmission through the community.

  8. Variants formed by virus replication are more dangerous, some will escape immunity.

  9. That it’s uncertain if you can be infected twice.

  10. That the vaccines are safe and effective.

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