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Getting ready for winter


As always I tell all my supporters to get ready for power cuts this winter. The simplest answer is a generator (2 Kw will do) or even a Swarey power pack for your phones, computers and wifi. For those who really want to keep on top of things you should install a “power-wall” - check out this website for a better option than expensive Tesla

The Covid Tragedy continues.....

In the last 12 months there have been 61,000 excess non-covid deaths in the USA. This is more than the total killed in the 10 years of the Vietnam war. The same, as yet unexplained, tragedy is happening in almost all the western world (more than 10,000 excess deaths in the UK over the last 4 months). Most of these deaths are in otherwise fit and healthy working age people. The most common cause of death is heart or circulatory problems. The mainstream media has not shown much interest - with the exception of the Daily Telegraph. You can find out more with John Campbell.

This link to The Epoch Times, meanwhile, gives a clear assessment of the situation in the USA.

After all the trickery, profiteering, vested interests and propaganda which have characterised the covid saga, it's worth looking at the “Malone Declaration”. This is intended to be a template for the behaviour of all medical and government agencies in all future public health management.

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