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Covid Mysteries

Agatha Christie could not have created and a more convoluted or mysterious plot. Ian Fleming could not have imagined more exotic and malevolent villains to threaten James Bond. Billions of humans have been “locked down” and manipulated by the fear created by deliberate covert psychological warfare. We hope that soon our civilisation will finally emerge from the greatest “crime against humanity” that the western world has ever experienced. (Why do covid deaths in the western world average around 1000 per million population when the comparable figure is just 30 deaths per million in China and the Far East?) The profits of “big pharma” and the sinister master-mind Bill Gates have boomed. The names of the chief protagonists are wonderfully exotic: Villains are....

Dr Fauci – Chief scientific adviser to American presidents. Although Fauci has impeccable scientific and medical credentials, he has a long history of strong support for (very dangerous) research into what is called “gain of function” for animal viruses. “Gain of function” research aims to find out how easy it might be for a previously unimportant animal virus to mutate into something deadly for humans. This is possibly the most dangerous and risky research ever undertaken by humans. The work began in the USA (funded with Fauci's backing by the US government) but in 2014 it was deemed too dangerous to continue in the US.

By a strange coincidence this dangerous work was transferred to Wuhan in China. It was still being financed by the US government through the agency of a harmless sounding NGO (the EcoHealth Alliance) and still strongly supported by Fauci (against the advice of other scientists).

Shortly before the covid outbreak began the Wuhan research lab relocated some of its work to a new site very close to the fresh food market which is suspected of being the source of the pandemic.

There is more on this hour long youtube video has somehow escaped censorship – well worth taking time to watch.

Peter Daszak – The British scientist who heads up the mysterious EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak was the scientist chosen by the US to represent them in the recent WHO trip to China which attempted (unsuccessfully!) to identify the source of the pandemic.

Professor Christian Drosten – the German scientist who with others like Olfert Landt wrote the now infamous Corman-Drosten research paper. In January 2020 this paper was accepted by the WHO as a valid basis for using the PCR test (manufactured by Drosten's company TIB Mobiol) to diagnose covid infections. When first published the paper did not mention the conflict of interests linking the authors to commercial companies – this was only published 6 months later in response to complaints. Drosten has been central to advising the German government on the handling of covid. For more see -

The “Dodgy” PCR test - The PCR technique was invented by Kary Mullins (who won the Nobel Prize for this in 1993). It is used in laboratories to identify fragments of DNA but, as Mullins has constantly pointed out, it is entirely unsuitable for diagnosing disease. The test is much too sensitive and therefor prone to false positives and it picks up any fragments of DNA whether active or not. PCR is only appropriate where symptoms of disease are already present.

The PCR test has made huge profits for big pharma. In practice the level of PCR false positives is such that the apparent infections picked up by the test may outnumber true positives by a factor of 10. This has contributed to the climate of fear which has been deliberately encouraged by governments.

Professor Ian Ferguson – The UK scientist whose misleading models fuelled the early panic which stimulated weak (uncritical) politicians to abandon previously agreed policies (similar to the ideas in the Great Barrington Declaration) for controlling pandemics and, instead, impose “lockdowns” contrary to WHO guidance.

Ferguson and Drosten were both directly implicated in similar roles during the 2009 Swine Flu “pandemic”. Both scientists have had their work financed by Bill Gates. Both scientists produced highly inflated predictions of likely deaths from the Swine Flu (orders of magnitude incorrect). On the basis of these forecasts, governments reacted by panic introduction and purchase of large supplies of a rapidly constructed vaccine (Pandermix). Very soon it became apparent that the vaccine was causing incurable narcolepsy (particularly in the young). About 1000 people had their lives ruined before the vaccine was banned and all remaining quantities destroyed (at great public cost). As in the present pandemic, big “pharma” had insisted on being granted government indemnities against prosecution. It was many years before victims were able to claim any compensation from a reluctant government.

Sir Patrick Vallance, Professor Van-Tam, Chris Whitty This bunch of doomster scientists have consistently supported draconian UK “lockdown” policies without any regard to assessing the multitude of adverse human and economic costs. A high proportion of the UK government scientific advisors have (some still have) very close connections to the profitable world of big pharma (either as previous employees or current shareholders).

The World Health Organisation WHO – With a membership closely linked to China and big pharma, the WHO has been hopelessly ineffective in providing sane advice which might influence the behaviour of Governments. It has changed its advice on many occasions.

Johnson, Hancock and Gove – Once these weak “leaders” had been panicked by the incorrect and highly pessimistic models produced by their flawed scientific advisors they abandoned previously well thought out policies and followed the example of China. The impetus of their chosen policy of creating “fear” has been so strong that these “leaders” have found themselves swept along on a tide of public opinion ever since. No efforts have been made to assess the cost/benefit of lockdown. No efforts have been made to assess the effectiveness of lockdown or masks – indeed all the independent research has shown these policies to have no significant impact on the spread of covid. These “leaders” have allowed themselves to be bullied and baffled by the logic of big pharma and its patron Bill Gates.

The World Economic Forum – This spooky creation of Klaus Schwab aims to bring together the great corporations of the globe with their gullible government co-conspirators. The aim is to maintain and develop the dominant global role of corporations and make sure the great mass of Earth's people behave as willing consumers. All “good things” must come from the brilliance of the corporate world (including vaccinations) and the disruption caused by the covid pandemic is seen as the opportunity to impose the “great reset”. Naomi Klein has written about this in more detail -,really%20happening%20anyway%2C%20some%20of%20which%20actually%20should.

The BBC – This once impartial and well respected news source has become a supine and unquestioning mouthpiece for government propaganda and mis-information. Along with the mendacious and scary censorship imposed by Facebook, Youtube and the rest – the complicity of news media in the great government “lockdown” conspiracy has been extra-ordinary.

Bill Gates – This mega-rich mendacious psychopath is determined to have the whole world vaccinated. Strangely he predicted this pandemic five years ago and his money lies behind many of the dangerous initiatives now started by Governments.

So what about the “heroes” in this tragic saga......?

Note that the term “heroes” really is appropriate here. Once the logic of project “fear” was established and governments urged neighbours and friends to report breaches of “lockdown” to the police then anyone questioning the accepted narrative was subject to personal abuse and attack across all social media.

The Great Barrington signatories – Those such as Nobel Prize winner Michael Leavitt and leading epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta deserve enormous credit for their fortitude in sticking to their views despite the abuse from the crowds. Although the Great Barrington proposals (that the vulnerable and elderly should be shielded whilst the rest continued normal life until herd immunity was achieved) were derided by the media and the authorities they were in fact virtually identical to the earlier government pandemic control plans agreed long before the panic set in.

Ivor Cummins – His youtube channel has consistently published accurate and balanced statistics, making a mockery of incorrect and out-of-date government models and predictions.

Planet Normal weekly podcast – Has consistently questioned government figures and been able to publish otherwise confidential (secret) data from the National Health Service.

Julia Hartley Brewer – Her intelligent and articulate questioning of leading figures in this saga has illuminated many of the flaws in government policy and thinking. Her “Talk Radio” shows have been fearless in the face of constant threats of censorship.

Gabor Erdosi – The extremely well informed Hungarian scientist who often teams up with Ivor Cummins and whose research throws disturbing light on the origins of covid 19.

Lord Sumption – This former senior UK judge has never been afraid to voice his concerns about the foolishness of UK government covid policies.

Reiner Fuellmich – This excellent German lawyer is initiating a well founded “class action” against those who have created what he calls “the greatest crime against humanity”. He may well become the greatest hero of the modern world if his action succeeds.


Governments the world over seem to have fallen in love with the power they have “enjoyed” through this mighty “Project Fear”. The covid19 virus itself is not a particularly nasty one – more or less 99.7 percent of its victims survive without problems. For the very elderly and those who are over-weight or with co-morbidities it can be fatal – as the high death figures for the western world indicate.

There are two major concerns in what now follows – first we may lose “ordinary” money as the state takes us inevitably towards sole use of a central bank digital currency; second we may all have I/D cards (including biometric data and/or face recognition) imposed upon us in the drive for “vaccine passports”.

Both these potential developments would take us towards a dystopian future where the freedoms we have been used to as individuals are taken away as we become creatures of the state or corporate world. It will not be easy to undo the mindset created by this mega-Project Fear, particularly when our modern populist politicians are much more interested in their own careers than the wellbeing of the people.

Possibly the best scenario we can hope for (and it's not a pleasant one) is that this new love affair with authoritarian (effectively “fascist”) government will lead to imposition of true “green fascism” as governments eventually come to terms with the bigger challenges of climate change, pollution and soil erosion.

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