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Covid madness


In the history of western civilisation there has never been such a mysterious and misguided set of policies as we have seen with covid 19. Personal freedoms have been restricted as never before – even in war. Accurate data and up-to-date information have been deliberately withheld. The majority of the news media have made no attempt to provide objective reporting as they simply parrot the government's version of “project Fear”. Even the moguls of Facebook, Twitter and Google have connived to suppress any dissenting opinions.

Thousands of businesses are being driven into bankruptcy; millions of workers (especially the young) have lost their jobs; tens of thousands of patients with other illnesses have been untreated; millions are now working from home as city office blocks lose their usefulness. There is a massive social cost as normal community life is destroyed – suicides and mis-use of drugs are both on the increase. All this is happening against a background where there is NO CLEAR EVIDENCE that lockdowns have done anything to reduce the loss of life amongst the over 75s. £ billions have been spent on a useless “Track and Trace” system and £ billions more on attempts to mitigate the worst effects of mass unemployment and economic collapse. There is still no plan for how this will all be brought to a conclusion.

It is extremely difficult to understand why such panic and madness has spread across almost all of the western world. Some see dark conspiracies – for example.... to rid the world of cash and enable governments (and security forces) to monitor all individual behaviours. One way or another the flaws in our so-called “democratic” processes have never been so brutally exposed. There are two fundamental policy issues which our populist politicians are unable to cope with:

1. How much time and money should we spend in keeping old sick people alive?

2. How do we respond when faced with the reality that science cannot always win against forces of nature?

The first means we are attempting to provide unrealistic levels of intensive care for the frail and elderly over 80s who will form the bulk of covid “victims”. Hence the “lockdowns” and the denial of treatment for other serious health conditions. (There is, by the way, no clear evidence that “lockdowns” actually reduce the number of infections!)

The second tempts our politicians to present the entire epidemic as yet another “Project Fear”. They then use this to justify taking away individual freedoms by imposition of draconian laws which would otherwise be completely unacceptable . This process is protected by a wilful mis-use of data and the presentation of highly subjective “scientific” projections. We are not going to get rid of covid – we must learn to live with it and the fact that a lot of old sick people are going to die a few months earlier than they would otherwise (unless we spend a fortune keeping them alive).

I would like to share with you a passage from a recent speech by Lord Sumpton.

Speech by Lord Sumpton – ex-Supreme Court Judge

Whatever one might think about the merits of the government's decisions, it is impossible to think well of the process which produced them, which can only be described as jerky, clumsy, inconsistent and poorly thought out. There is not, and never has been an exit plan or anything that can be described as a long-term strategy – only a series of expedients. The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons reported in July that the lockdown was announced without any kind of cost-benefit analysis or advance planning for its disruptive economic effects. The many relevant social and educational considerations were disregarded in favour of an exclusive concentration on public health issues and only some of those. These are all classic problems of authoritarian government. It is habitually inefficient, destructive, blinkered and ultimately not even popular. The British public has not even begun to understand the seriousness of what is happening to our country.

The government has discovered the power of public fear to let it get its way. It will not forget. Aristotle argued in his Politics that democracy was an inherently defective and unstable form of government. It was, he thought, too easily subverted by demagogues seeking to obtain or keep power by appeals to public emotion and fear.

I am saddened and maddened by the whole process and this doggerel is the result:


We fought for “freedom” for many a year

thousands died, things were severe

Now it's gone, removed by SAGE

Those “doomsters” grinning on the stage

And Boris follows, limp and weak

A supine victim who's afraid to speak

“Follow the science” just a faded joke

Fascists hiding behind this dirty cloak

The poor must suffer lockdown blues

While sport and culture are not all we lose

Our friends and families kept apart

Even dying alone with breaking heart

The facts and figures make fake news

Like “Project Fear” another ruse

To keep “Joe Public” meek and mild

“Do what you're told” just like a child

Those cancer patients just have to wait

Their ops postponed 'til it's too late

Sweden the only wise “black sheep”

No lockdown there, no mission creep

Their figures not so bad as ours

No need to use draconian powers

So where's the science going now?

Why do the media scrape and bow

To the twisted logic of mass delusion

With biased science and dire confusion

Even mighty Google censors real debate

Banning Great Barrington makes me irate

Where will it end this black heart venture

Poor humans panicked by a trick of nature

Corona virus could be much worse

It's just a minor flu not a witch's curse

Our over-reaction does not bode well

These attempts at cure have brought real hell

The cosmic Gods look down with scorn

Such foolish creatures the Earth has born

No wisdom here, no measured plan

Just a tragic omen for the fate of man.

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