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Corona and Post-Corona

Bill Gates said it all in 2015

So thanks to the inevitable incompetence of our populist governments, the Earth is now in panic mode. Like a 2 year old child whose toy has been taken away our blinkered civilisation is having a hissy fit – and the world will never be the same again. Mostly this is all very good news for those of us who have our essence based properly in the powerful mysteries of the natural world. Certainly de-globalisation and self-sufficiency must now be on the march. It might even be that “economic growth” will no longer be possible or desirable. See my later comments about the Bank of England proposals for a new centralised digital currency.

For at least 95 percent of Earth's humans getting sick with covid-19 will only be a mildly uncomfortable experience. Almost all of those who die will be over 75 years old and already have major health problems. It's obvious that neither the medical profession nor our governments are able to deal with what is a growing and major problem – just how much time and resources are we prepared to use in looking after elderly sick people? Many of these people are so sick they don't want to go on living – yet we spend a very large proportion of our health budget trying to keep them alive. About 9 out of 10 elderly patients in intensive care will die within 10 days – at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds/dollars. The other 10 percent will almost certainly be permanently bed-ridden and die within the next 12 months. It is time our civilisation faced up to the fact that there comes a time when we have to die – regardless of the (expensive) possibilities of modern medicine. This is the real policy issue underlying the panic reaction to this timely lesson from nature! But nobody wants to talk about it – least of all the established churches or governments.

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