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Composting and the National Trust – Join my campaign!

The more one thinks about it, the entire future of the planet depends on effective composting. For millions of years plant nutrients have been recycled by natural composting in the soil but we humans have now largely hijacked this process with our expensive water borne sewage systems and our crass waste disposal policies.

The sewage system diverts vital nutrients into rivers, lakes and seas where they become pollution. The disposal of 8 million tons of organic waste each year into landfill not only removes plant nutrients from the virtuous circle of life but also generates huge quantities of methane.

Compost makes the world go round

In soil that works without a sound

Beasts and bugs grow underground

No better system will be found

Recycling nutrients by the pound

But now we throw our “waste” away

75,000 tons each and every day

Human “waste” flushed out to sea

By the toilets used by you and me

It's cheap and quick for easy money

But our children's children won't think it's funny

We could do better with some wisdom

Managing waste in the United Kingdom

Every house could compost food waste

Learn to live with much less haste

Save the Earth by using less not more

Leave plastic at the super-market door

My Campaign

The National Trust is, as all UK residents know, the country's largest landowner. Like millions of others, I visit numerous beautiful old National Trust properties every year. Despite the Trust's public relations claims that it promotes sustainable policies, I have not seen properly managed composting arrangements in any of these properties. There is a wonderful opportunity here for the Trust to put their fine words into practice and show all their millions of visitors how good composting arrangements can “save the world”. Both kitchen and garden waste could and should be properly composted or even processed through a modern bio-digester.

(The UK is the “slow coach” of Europe in its waste treatment policies. Germany, for example, has more than 9000 bio-digesters producing renewable electricity whilst the UK has less than 500.)

This is typical of the kind of run down badly managed attempts I have seen.....

If you are a member of the National Trust and would like to join my campaign to improve their organic waste management then please send me an email. Together we could force them to do better!

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