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Boris's "Mindless Sheep"

More dreadful corona nonsense!

I cannot remember a time when I have been more angry, sad and baffled by the mindless corona hysteria which is sweeping the Earth. The “brainwashing” of “Project Fear” has been and is extreme as politicians take what they assume to be the “safe” option. Science itself has been co-opted for propaganda and been replaced by statistical chicanery. When I left Whitehall in 1983 I was already sickened by the rampant egotistical drive for short-term publicity which dominated the decisions of most of our so-called “democratic” leaders. Did they have one shred of concern for the public interest – not one bit! Today we see this problem writ large in the insane corona space.

As disciples of self-sufficiency we surely pride ourselves on being able to make our own decisions and being brave enough to live by them. But I wonder how many of my readers have fallen into the trap of becoming another of Boris's “mindless sheep”? Somehow our civilisation seems to have tumbled back into the bad old days when the disciplines of science were abandoned to the false attractions of magic and mumbo-jumbo. Boris's advisors pluck dubious (always scary) figures from the mangled entrails of their so-called models. News media (especially social media) wilfully censor factual posts that do not suit their narrative. Hancock pins his hopes on the totally discredited PCR test and the distant prospect of several “untested” vaccines. Complex calculations are made (behind the scenes) of the lives that will be saved from corona by applying different sets of “lockdown” rules despite the fact that all the available evidence shows these restrictions don't affect the virus in the least. A large peer reviewed Danish study showed that wearing a face mask produced no significant difference in transmission rates. Not surprisingly these results have not been widely published and we all go around like dutiful zombies gagging behind our masks.

We know a lot about covid now and for most of us the risk to life is vanishingly small. Recent figures from the official USA agency show that the death rate for those under 20 years is 3 in 100,000; for the under 50s it is 2 in 10,000 and for the 50-70s 5 in 1000 – even for the over 70s the death rate is 5 per 100. The Spectator magazine publishes a regular up-to-date analysis of the real (not made up) figures. Even a cursory glance shows that the actual figures are orders of magnitude lower than all the “made up” official forecasts. The entire nation, its social, cultural and economic fabric, is beiing destroyed by reliance on “made up” figures which, time and time again, are simply miles from the truth. When the dust settles people will certainly be scratching their heads and wondering how our weak and cowardly politicians were “led up the garden path” in this way!

I was very moved this week to read the open letter which Dr Mike Yeadon sent to Mr Hancock about the rushed introduction of the new vaccines. These vaccines work in a significant new way which involves putting engineered genetic material into a healthy body. In his letter Yeadon accuses Hancock of being recklessly misleading about the testing regime as well as giving carte blanche to big pharma by providing the drug makers with legal indemnity against being sued if things go wrong. It's not the first time this has happened. I checked back to the panic over swine flu in 2009. Here again the nervous government advisors forecast 19,000 additional deaths (there were eventually just 1000) which panicked the then government to rush through introduction (compulsory for health workers) of a new vaccine. Within 6 months 1000 of those vaccinated had developed incurable narcolepsy. The EU quickly banned the drug but not dear old England. When they ran out of ordinary flu vaccine in 2011 they simply used up their remaining stock of the faulty swine flu jab. Did the government apologise or compensate those its misguided panic reaction had destroyed? Not one bit. The victims lost their jobs and their livelihoods and had to battle for years to get any reward from the special fund the government had created to protect the interests of big pharma.

The other bit of sanity which I heard last week came from the mouth of a 93-year-old ex-nurse. Like me, she well remembered the days when we did not have vaccines for nasty viruses like measles, scarlet fever or chicken pox. “They should just send all the young people to corona parties as soon as possible so they can catch the disease, recover and become a barrier to the further spread of infection.” Our ill-judged lockdowns (if they work at all) could actually prevent the robust and healthy catching corona we are simply storing up troubles for the future. In my schooldays all responsible parents made sure their children had measles, chicken pox, and mumps before they reached secondary school. Measles, in particular, is very unpleasant and more than 100 times more life threatening than the mild flu which is corona for young people. We were evidently wiser and less afraid of death in those times.

Strange how the long accepted wisdoms of past years have now been swept away in a craven worship of pseudo-science amplified by weak leadership and the greed of big pharma whose labs, we are told, can in time (and at a price) fix everything. The “make-believe” life we lead in our cities has stripped away and falsified our long standing relationship to nature and the big world outside. Mostly we have forgotten that real “life” out there in nature is anything but a gentle process. The massive dominance of Boris's mindless “sheep” bears witness to this fear of uncontrollable nature. The “sheep” feel so much safer in strict lockdown whilst they are terrified to touch each other as they are bombarded with the (fake) daily PCR tally of new corona cases.

A fact which was explicitly emphasised at the time of its discovery by its Nobel prize winning inventor. But widespread use of the test is making millions for its providers!

So it seems we are now in the same place as the Massachusetts community who completely lost their reason in 1692 and hanged dozens of ordinary local women as “witches”. A year later the hysteria finally subsided; those “witches” who were still in captivity were pardoned and everyone said they were sorry for going so crazy. I wonder if anyone will be brave enough to apologise this time?

I came out of our local (Newcastle) hospital last week after an amazing but uncomfortable bowel cancer op. The hospital was half empty – rather like the Marie Celeste – because (as the staff sadly told me) local people were too scared to come in for routine surgery. A huge backlog continues to build up whilst Boris/Hancock pretend hospitals are reaching capacity.

Don't touch your Granny!

So the madness continues as the Chief Medical officer warns us not to touch our Grannies over Christmas as it could well end up killing them! So what's the true risk? At present about 1.3 percent of the population currently test positive. Of these more than half are likely to be false positives on the basis of the Government's own figure of 0.8 percent (a figure many would now question as being over-optimistic). So 0.5 percent of the population test as true positive – their bodies contain some corona virus but how many are actually contagious and able to spread the disease. A study in the USA found that 90 percent of those testing positive did not have a sufficiently high burden of virus to be contagious – so only 1 in 10 of the true positives could spread the covid to Granny – this equates to 1 in 2000 in the population as a whole. If she did catch corona then her chances of dying are no worse than 1 in 20 (5 percent) and this chance is closely linked to whether or not she has other health complications. So at worst there is a 1 in 40,000 chance of killing Granny by hugging her – probably more like 1 in 100,000 if Granny is fit and healthy. Many of us might think such a minute risk would be worth taking! It's actually 50 times less risk than being injured in a car accident each year!

Senior officials who trumpet such dramatic alarmist unquantified “warnings” are irresponsible at best, plain wicked at worst. And the hopeless mass media who broadcast this nonsense uncritically are equally to blame for all the unjustified guilt and fear such power crazy statements generate. I can recommend Ivor Cummins latest video HERE. There is also the opportunity to help his important project which is to use his team of experts to put together a full length documentary chronicle the madness of the entire corona hiatus. This should be an important reference point for the future – on how to avoid such an unmitigated disaster.

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