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Autumnal air in the garden

Autumn is certainly the “season of mellow fruitfulness”! We've harvested the plums, beans (runner and french) and pulled up the onions. The sweet corn has all been uprooted, stripped of the big cobs and finally dumped on compost heap and burning gatt. The pumpkin is massive, the beetroot splendid and today I cut the final big head of broccoli.

The beech hedges have been cut. The young rhubarb we sowed in spring has done well and what I thought we some kind of special vegetables have turned into “surprise” red flowers!

We still have a mass of lovely, sweet tomatoes and grapes the greenhouse as well as a big tray of basil ready for harvest. The deep freeze is almost full, but we still have all the parsnips and carrots to harvest.

It's time to tidy up the garden for winter. For some reason (lots of rain perhaps) we are inundated with healthy dock plants this year. They are the devil to dig out because the roots go down so deep. But dug out they must be before we can run the rotavator over and leave fallow until after Christmas.


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