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Another trip to ponder the world


Today I write from Germany where the trains run smoothly at 250 Km/hr, the farmers routinely use bio-digesters and the Americans wage war on their gas pipelines. Here in Bavaria every small village boasts at least one fine church and the cathedrals in cities are superbly beautiful. The villages here also have a special place for their storks!

Yesterday we walked in the local countryside to explore a new manifestation of “spiritual power” in the creation of 7 extraordinary wooden mini-chapels in the woods. Here is what we saw.

It's clear from the time and resources humans have devoted to “spiritual” beliefs that these non-scientific aspects of the human mind are, and always have been, the dominant system guiding human behaviour. Those of us (I hope you are one dear reader!) who can still think for ourselves have watched on in amazement whilst the whole world succumbed to the covid religion. Now we continue to watch on whilst the same is happening with what amounts to a “religion” surrounding global warming. In both cases the application of logic and the scientific method has been swept aside enabling the blind certainties of belief to become the primary force of policy. Of course, these “blind certainties” are reinforced and magnified by our modern mass media and the echo-chambers of social media. Long gone are the days when science went forward on the basis of factual experiment tested by rigorous debate – anyone or anything which opposes the “official” narrative is simply banned and de-platformed. “Belief” (the madness of crowds) trumps all.

Nowhere is this more dangerous than in the unfolding story of the United States proxy war against Russia at the expense of Ukraine. Kinetic warfare is a crazy and disastrous “last resort” for any country (not disastrous for the big armaments makers of course) but the US has been working to provoke this war for more than 10 years now. Our stupid grandstanding politicians find it so convenient to hate the Russians. Here is what I wrote to relieve my frustrations...

We've had the madness of covid - it's now the madness of WAR

Has the world lost its senses – we want less death not MORE

In 2 years from now will we say we got things WRONG

Lead by idiotic politicians who like to pretend that they're STRONG

WAKE UP you dumb-heads, if you're so eager to FIGHT

Just remember that bloody carnage is no pretty SIGHT

It's not clever to kill, send equipment that burns and DESTROYS

When both Putin and Zelensky are both bomb happy BOYS

Now Biden's dumb senile while Sunak's greasy and WEAK

Any wise folk who want peace they just call a FREAK

Too bad if our Main Stream Media just run with the CROWD

When they should preach truth and reason and shout it out LOUD


While the US and its puppet followers in Europe blow their trumpets of war, it's worth remembering the 80% of the world is still trading with Russia despite the self-defeating, headline-catching western sanctions. It was Putin who convened the first Ministerial meeting of BRICS in 2006. Since then Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have continued to develop their mutual trading and finance arrangements. They have just been joined by Turkey, making a huge trading block with about 85% of the world population.

The importance of this trading block and its potential power against the US dollar has just been greatly increased by the recent (17th January) decision of Saudi Arabia to accept non-dollar currencies for its oil. The Chinese have already developed the first effective Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and this will, in all probability, become the dominant currency of the BRICST. So the Americans are playing for very high stakes indeed when they started this short-sighted and disastrous war. Remember it was China's President Xi who opened the recent World Economic Forum in Davos and it is the clearly stated objective of the WEF to implement a world system of digital data control (including the use of CBDC). Klaus Schwab continually tells us he regards China as a perfect role model for future world government.

So, while the facile war-mongers Biden and Boris J have been enjoying their place in the spotlights, the leaders of most of the world's population are quietly moving towards replacing the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. The Russians are not going to lose this war and it will not be long now before the grandstanding politicians of the west have to find excuses to call for peace. Mr Zelensky's ultimate ego trip will come to an end and the role of the US as world policeman will be replaced by China within the BRICST.

While the main-stream media are obsessed with war and the complications of “zero carbon”, the big players on our world stage are quietly getting on with their plans to destroy the dollar and bring in world government.


Whilst our western “leaders” now govern by opinion polls, desperate to find facile solutions to whatever emergency next grips the public's imagination, China calmly continues to “put all its ducks in a row” in pursuit of much longer-term objectives. For many of us, especially those that can think self-sufficiently, the prospect of living in a Chinese style totalitarian state is not a happy one. CBDCs, global digital I/D, social credit score and censorship of information will give the global elites power that no previous dictator could have dreamed of.

The news media and chattering classes may be obsessed with the horrors of kinetic war in poor Ukraine but there is a much bigger battle we all need to face up to. Our narcissist grandstanding politicians may puff out their chests and think themselves very wonderful, but their blind incompetence is leading us towards some very dark places. I would like to think that the distrust (now growing with each new revelation of the lies they told us about covid) of authority will spark a backlash as people refuse to be herded into the oppressive world of China and the WEF. How this will all work out, we shall soon see. Will those such as Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand and even potential US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis (with their millions of followers) lead us to new ways of thinking where “freedom” is the central aim? “Freedom” can only work on a finite living planet if we can rid ourselves of the mania of consumerism. It is not going to be an easy ride! Just where is our next “spiritual” awakening going to come from?

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