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And "Project Fear" goes on...

My sadness and anger at what is going on reaches new heights today. Have we really lost our reason? Is the almost fanatical belief in “lockdown” rather similar to that of a 2-year-old child who might believe wrapping yourself in a blanket could stop bullets? We seem to be “clutching at straws” despite the lack of any evidence showing “lockdowns” work!!! Have our hopelessly foolish and arrogant leaders become completely drunk on “power” whilst they continue to indulge in pathetic gestures as they strive to be “men of action”? The remedies suggested by many thousands of eminent scientists in the “Great Barrington Declaration” are still the best way to minimise the impact of covid.


The lockdown religion is based on belief

A disaster for business, for the poor just grief

There's not a shed of evidence to show this works

But it's an attractive option for our political jerks

They like to strut large and spout weasel words

Whilst hiding behind their scientist nerds

They're in love with their models and flexible figures

Keeping secret the formulas that give lockdown triggers

Even if lockdown slows down the sad death rate

It won't change final numbers set down by fate

All logic has vanished with this new project Fear

The judgement of history will sure be severe


I know the covid saga is tiresome and boring but we must at least take note of the extra-ordinary new “religion” it has created. This is the religion dominated by a blind belief in the lockdown, the face mask and the sinister importance of telling tales on friends and neighbours. All this because of deliberate misuse of statistics and law by weak but power-crazed leaders. “We must follow the science” has a very hollow ring these days!

See this interview for a dose of common sense:


Excess deaths above the 5 year average are the only meaningful metric for assessing the impact of covid. Weekly excess UK deaths are not significantly out of line with previous years. In 2015, for example, there were 15,000 deaths in the first week of January – compared to the present number (around 12,500). Excess weekly UK deaths are currently running at around 1400 - 10 percent above normal - (a figure which has been slowly reducing over the last 4 weeks). This shows that this so-called “second wave” is only one tenth the size of the first wave in March when excess weekly deaths reached 12,000. Intensive care units in our hospitals are always over loaded at this time of year.

PCR Positives – Useless figures. Depends on how many tests are done and where. Probably more than half the recorded positives are false because of the over-sensitivity of the tests detecting random viruses – nobody actually knows the correct figure!. At least 80 percent of so-called “positives” have no symptoms – may have already had covid or another similar corona virus.

Corona “deaths” - Useless figures. They don't record numbers who died BECAUSE OF COVID – only those that die from any cause within 28 days of a positive PCR test. Best estimate is that about 90 percent of so-called corona deaths are caused by other medical conditions. We know that about 40 percent of corona deaths arise in hospitals where those already ill finally catch the virus.

Face Masks – are useless....... except as a “propaganda” device. Many independent studies (mostly before corona) have shown that masks have no measurable effect on spread of virus disease – viruses particles are simply too small to be stopped by a piece of cloth.

Lockdowns” - are crippling but useless as a device for limiting viral spread. Many independent studies have shown that there is no measurable effect in any of the 186 countries studied of lockdowns on the pattern of covid cases. There is NO evidence whatever that lockdowns work. All virus diseases follow the same pattern – exponential growth which quickly slows until the epidemic fades away as the number of susceptible “victims” reduces.

The corona virus is almost harmless for all those under 60 years of age. In the UK less than 4000 people under 60 died “with covid” during the peak of the epidemic, and of these we know less than 10 percent died BECAUSE of covid. This makes the chance of dying from covid if you are under 60 is about the same as being hit by lightning (around 1 in 100,000). For children and teenagers, the figures are even more extreme – in the entire UK epidemic so far only 3 have died because of covid – a chance of about 1 in 5 million).

Lockdown Casualties – No attempts have been made by governments to assess or measure the large number of excess deaths caused by lockdowns. We know, for example, that the number of fatal heart attacks increased by nearly 50 during the first lockdown. We know that in Japan, at least, the number of suicides has also increased by nearly 50 percent (figures are not available in the UK because of long delays arising from the mandatory review by coroners courts). The deliberate efforts to frighten the public are leading to depression and mental illness on a grand scale.

Wilfully NOT following the science – Despite lack of ANY evidence to support imposition of lockdowns and face masks, our government continues to impose these policies regardless of the very serious adverse consequences for both health (physical and mental) and business. Everybody knows that the “sophisticated” models used by government scientists were completely incorrect – their dire predictions simply miles from the truth. Yet the government continues to rely on this source of advice.

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