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A new paper which looks at excess deaths from all causes (ACM) in the US shows that the numbers increased rapidly in ALL age groups from the moment the WHO declared a global health emergency (March 2020). This was long before the experimental vaccines were available. During the 100 weeks of covid, excess ACM was in fact three times higher for the age group 25-44 (41%) than in the 85+ group (14%). The ACM figures also show that the mass vaccination programme had no measurable effect on reducing excess ACM which actually increased significantly after the commencement of vaccination. Did stress and lock-down really cause this extraordinary result?

It's very strange indeed that nobody seems to have noticed that the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic caused far more excess deaths amongst the young than the old!!! This excess ACM continues today in most western countries, and it's not caused by covid. Something very significant and strange is going on. Here is the link to the paper on ResearchGate.

Finally, we have an important piece of research exploring the link between covid jabs and deaths across multiple countries. The results show a direct correlation between the percentage of population jabbed and the number of excess deaths. John Campbell just reported this work on his YouTube channel. It's all very sad and the disaster continues to unfold.


The process which I highlighted in my last monthly news has gathered momentum dramatically in the past month. China has brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran and just today I read that (as I expected) Saudi Arabia has joined the eastern trading block with China and Russia. The US really seems to have “taken its eye off the ball” in its obsession with Russia and Zelensky. At the same time both emerging Republican candidates for President have come out against supporting the Democrats' war with Russia.


If there any fellow 'cellists out there you may be interested to know that my lovely carbon fibre pink 'cello is up for sale as I've just bought another from the wonderful German firm Mezzo Forte. It's a 5 string 'cello (top E string) with geared pegs and great fun to play – especially for folk music. I'd love to pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. The price (with hard case and carbon fibre bow) is £3,800.

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