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A dry start to the busy growing season

The weather is dry, dry, dry and the garden is growing, growing and growing. We've finished the big job of scything the orchards and building up the compost heap. Just one blister and a great store of “carbon” in the compost which will be ready for next Christmas.

The walnut trees are getting pretty big now so we may even get our first crop of nuts soon.

The young beech hedge is building up some energy now after we cut the trees back hard 2 years ago.

Of course, the flowers and blossom are blooming mightily which I hope bodes well for a good crop (we've already thinned the apricots and apple thinning will happen in a couple of weeks’ time).

We've been eating fresh salad for quite a few weeks now – from the greenhouse and the rocket which did well through the winter.

The new salad crop is rapidly taking over, and we need to plant some more to take us through the summer.

Elsewhere in the garden all the young seedlings are enjoying the sunshine and all the initial hoeing has kept the weeds in check. Even the parsnips have germinated pretty well but we are still waiting for the runner beans and peas to make an appearance. No evidence of mice so far, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

In the greenhouse we have potted up the seedlings for calabrese, sprouting broccoli and rhubarb. Once the little plants are about 15 cm high with a decent root ball then we'll plant them out with necessary protection from birds and butterflies. As always, the tomato plants are growing like crazy.

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