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Today's COVID Fact check

  1. We don't know how many deaths were caused BY covid as this is not recorded on death certificates. The “deaths WITH covid” definition ensures the largest figures.

  2. ONS figures show 84,000 excess deaths in 2020 (over the 5 year average) – about 21,000 were caused by “lockdown” (heart attacks, strokes, cancer that did not get to treatment).

  3. The government estimates that 12.4 million people (one fifth of the population) have already had covid – at worst there were 63,000 covid deaths = 0.5 percent death rate. (A figure five times less than the figures used by Professor Ferguson which led to “lockdown”.)

  4. The daily figures for “new cases” are actually a direct measure of how many people are becoming naturally immune every day as 99.5 percent will survive the illness.

  5. The basic R rate is now less than 1 – indicating that the pandemic is dying out (herd immunity) regardless of the vaccination programme.

  6. It is estimated that “lockdown” of itself will lead to 70-100,000 excess deaths in future years

  7. The government warns that the new variants may be 30 percent more serious – but they could say that they simply change the survival rate from 99.5 percent to 99.2 percent.

  8. Nobody has produced any statistically significant evidence in any country that “lockdown” has any real effect on the progress of the pandemic.

  9. For a very forthright critique of lockdown you could watch professor Dolores Cahill or the same arguments in the USA

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