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Keeping forward, straight on

What a sad comedy show is the global corona crisis! Here in the UK we don't have any idea about how many people may already have had the disease and our government has shown itself to be completely unprepared. So many bogus statistics are being bandied about that it is quite impossible for even the best informed members of the public to know what's going on. The experts at Oxford are completely at odds with the other experts at Imperial College in London. But in all this chaos there must be great hope that the shut-down of the global economy may bring permanent changes for the better: much more working from home, a likely introduction of Universal Citizen's Income, a probable meltdown of the evil high street banking sector, use of helicopter debt-free money and, probably, much more self-sufficiency both individually and nationally.

Roll on de-globalisation!

The really frightening aspect of the crisis is not so much the death rate (still apparently between 0.5 percent and 10 percent – depending on which statistics you believe) but the absence of proper information and the hopelessly supine lack of independent scrutiny of government by both public and the mass media. The sheer quantity of unfounded press hysteria has been extra-ordinary. If you have not seen the Terry Gilliam film (1985) “Brazil” then you should do so. Note that in 1995 Gilliam also made “12 Monkeys” - a film about a more serious fictional man-made pandemic.

Can we really just walk into a new world of total government control and surveillance without any protest? I note that the website of our police force in Northumberland now invites “informers” to get in touch if they see people ignoring “government requests”. This is a sinister development as the police clearly welcome a new role which goes beyond simply enforcing what is law. Check out

We also see corona putting more pressure for the abolition of cash which would make every “card” payment we make dependent on the “permission” of some third party (usually a bank or a government) – with all the potential for surveillance and loss of freedom this allows. And when the “free” press become passive muppets making no effort to raise concerns or even get the true facts then we really are in trouble.

It's hardly surprising that the public are concerned about the true source of corona. It is hardly surprising that the public raise questions about other potentially disastrous innovations such as genetically altered food and the new powerful high frequency G5 radiation which our governments welcome so casually. It seems the “powers that be” forget about the “precautionary” principle when it comes to a choice between safety and profit.

We humans have opened so many “Pandora's Boxes” one can hardly keep count. The only study I could find (in Nature) showed that the higher-frequency electromagnetic radiation from G5 could increase the heating effect on small insects to a level up to almost four times as much as the present G4 radiation.

(It is the same radiation which the military are using as an “active denial system”)

G5 radiation could be catastrophic for the bees and other species we depend on. And we simply have no idea how the new radiation might affect the sensitive magnetic navigation systems used by insects (or birds for that matter). So, like two year olds with new toys, we just “bash on regardless”!

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