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Dispatches from New Zealand - Part 2


I'm still enjoying the sun in beautiful New Zealand whilst the garden sleeps through an English winter. While the challenges facing humanity are rushing towards us at ever increasing pace and severity, I still believe the human spirit will survive this techno-science corporate assault. Despite what Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates may think, humans are not machines – they are inventive, unpredictable and strangely magical. The corporate consumer game is driven by greed and powered by money. Those who aspire to self-sufficiency are immunising themselves against taking part in this “game”.


I had hoped to avoid another dip into the covid nightmare, but I was prompted to do a little more digging after hearing about Edward Dowd's new book “Unknown Cause”. This digging took me to the World Health Organisation's statistics charting global excess deaths during the years 2020 and 2021, which you can view here. Excess deaths are those above the average for the previous 5 years.

The first thing you notice is that the WHO recorded 14 million excess deaths globally BUT only 5 million of these are classed as covid deaths. The remaining 9 million are a mystery!! WHO comments that these 9 million are probably the result of lock-down and denial of medical care because hospitals were over-loaded. They actually have no idea what's causing this “planet sized elephant”! Heaven forbid that it might have something to do with big pharma and their money spinning jab. Thanks to FOI requests, we already know there were more deaths in the Pfizer trials in the jabbed (21) than there were in the un-jabbed (17). In normal times, this alone would have been sufficient to refuse a licence.

The other extra-ordinary thing about the WHO data is that covid deaths are massively concentrated in the US and Europe whilst non-covid excess is huge in South East Asia.

Edward Dowd says that the number of excess non-covid deaths in the US (60,000) is the same as the total killed over the 12 years of the Vietnam war, but nobody seems to care. I looked at the most recent UK government figures for the current year (April to November 2022). There were 30,134 excess deaths in that time – not caused by covid and not caused by old age.

There's a mighty big mystery here that nobody in government (or medicine) wants to talk about! Could it even be possible that Bill Gates is enjoying his dream of reducing the world's population?

Just how long will these mysterious non-covid excess deaths continue? Just how long will governments and the medical establishment go on promoting the experimental jab? Are we witnessing the greatest crime ever committed on planet Earth? It's a very strange and terrible story. Even the calm and careful John Campbell has done a 180 U-turn on the safety of the jab!


We need to talk about “freedom”. As most readers will know, the billions of humans who live on planet Earth are about the enter a completely new phase of civilisation where each of us become a unique number (tied to unique biometric markers) on a real time global database where our carbon footprints are stored together with our medical history. Central bank digital currencies (CBDC) will ensure that every commercial transaction we make is recorded (and potentially controlled) whilst all our taxes are paid automatically. The words and ideas we are allowed to express on public platforms (social media etc.) will be controlled (mostly by government) and our behaviours will be rewarded or penalised by the automatic protocols of a Social Credit system, working through the mechanism of the CBDCs.

All these “wonderful' developments will enable the world's wealthy elites to “manage” affairs on our planet in a way never before thought possible. Pollution will be controlled, bad behaviours eliminated, CO2 emissions reduced, disease eliminated and energy consumption moderated. Even species and habitat loss could be prevented and population levels sensibly managed. The members of Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum make no secret of their intentions and most governments of the western world seem keen to follow their lead.

Events are moving quickly with the UN Agenda 2030, the WHO proposed new Treaty government global pandemics and the Bank of England proposals for their own digital currency.

Real freedom is, of course, a fiction promoted by revolutionaries and idealists. Long before complex civilisations imposed rule-books of laws; long before the Magna Carta's idea of freedom under the law (to contain the arbitrary power of the King) even the cavemen had to bow to the realities of existence. For hundreds of years we have all accepted a trade-off between “freedom” and the requirements of living in a complex functional society. We now face a new radically changed balance in this trade-off as the planet's great corporations and billionaires force through what they (Klaus Schwab) call the “Great Reset”.

The question is – are we going to see an all-embracing authoritarian global system of governance (overtly aiming to “save the planet”) or will the great mass of humanity reject the entire techno-scientific project and revert to human scale local autonomy? Those such as Russell Brand and Jordan Peterson strongly favour the latter, but they have no idea how we can get there. The mainstream media are complicit in the WEF project as are most of the western politicians.

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